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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ page). Below, we have tried to answer the most common questions Employers visiting our Web site may have. If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please email us newjobs@eddofflorida.com or call us during BUSINESS HOURS at


How do I sign up for your services?

You don’t have to sign up for anything.  Simply mail, email your detailed job requirements to us.  Or call us to discuss your specific job details.   Since, there is no charge until you have found a person.  All you need to do is authorize us to provide resumes of candidates.

How does the process work?

Once we have your authorization and a comprehensive description of the job’s duties, responsibilities, and the expected qualifications needed to meet your needs.  Our technically knowledgable staff will screen our pool of candidates to identify 1 to 4 individuals that most closely meet your criteria.  These candidates will be vetted for any potential conflicts and a Proposal will be created.  The Proposal will include the Candidate’s ID, Hourly Direct Labor Rate (paid by E.D.D. of Florida), your Hourly Billing Rate and the Candidate’s Availability.  The Proposal will be transmitted, with the Candidate’s Resume, by Mail, FAX or Email.

What is the cost?

There is no cost to you, until you have chosen a specific Candidate and set a date to start working on your task. Then you will be billed for only the actual hours worked.  The E.D.D. of Florida’s Employee will be provided a Weekly Timecard on which the his hours worked will be recorded.  The original Timecard must have two original signatures, 1. The Employee and 2. The Authorized Client’s Representative.  It is encouraged that all parties make backup photocopies of the Timecard.  The Original Timecard is mailed, on a weekly basis, to E.D.D. of Florida’s office for processing.

What if the job lasts longer than 6 months?

Our Standard Policy is - NO CHARGE Conversion of any of our employees, who have been on the same assignment for 6 months or more.  The conversion is not mandatory.  As the Client, you at your discretion may elect to open negotiations directly with our employee to convert him from our payroll and benefits program to your payroll and benefits program.  The employee at his discretion may accept.

Is there a required length of assignment with E.D.D. of Florida?

There is no required minimum nor maximum assignment length.  Utilize the personnel only as long as you need them.  You only pay for the actual hours worked.

When will I hear from E.D.D. of Florida?

We typically respond, to your Staffing Requirement with a Proposal of prospective candidates, within 8 to 48 Hours.  If you Staffing Requirement is not urgent we will respond in a time frame you are comfortable with.

Do Your Employees get any benefits?

Yes!  As Direct Employees of E.D.D. of Florida, the employees receive Paid Holidays, Annual Paid Vacations, Time and a Half pay for all Overtime.  These are true Benefits from E.D.D. of Florida 

You are never billed for any of these Benefits.

Are Your Employees Real Employees?

E.D.D. of Florida pays into the State Unemployment Fund, the Federal Unemployment Fund, Workman’s Compensation Insurance.  Additionally, E.D.D. of Florida makes the matching contributions to Social Security and Medi-Care.  All employees receive a W-2 at the end of every year.

After I sign up for your service can I still look for workers on my own?


How do I get billed?

You will be billed only for the actual hours our employee worked, based upon the submission of an Original Weekly Timecard, the Timecard requires two original signatures, 1st the employee’s and 2nd the authorized client representative.  The Original Timecard is mailed by our employee, on a weekly basis, to E.D.D. of Florida’s office for processing.  The Timecard is the basis for both your Invoice and the employee’s paycheck.

What are your payment Terms?

Our Terms are: Net - 10 Days

What happens if I don’t like the Employee E.D.D. of Florida has found for me?

Call our office and we will try to resolve the problem. If you still are not satisfied with the employee, we will locate a more appropriate replacement.

Why should I use your service?

E.D.D. of Florida continuously resources the Top Qualified Talent to meet your staffing needs.  We always strive to keep our markups as low as possible  providing you with the best value for the the talent and skills available.  E.D.D. of Florida has a proven track record spanning more than 25 years and hundreds of clients.

What geographical area do you cover?

Our clients are all over the State of Florida.

Do you find candidates for out of state jobs?

We have candidates in other states. However, we prefer to focus on the southern region and the State of Florida.

Will I have to pay for Relocation Costs?

No! You only pay for the actual hours worked. No, Per Diem, No, Travel or Relocation Expenses. However, you may want to consider reimbursing Relocation Expenses after the (6) Six month assignment as part of the Conversion negotiations with our employee.

All information on this Web site is copyright © 2016 by EDD of FLORIDA.

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